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At 9 Elements we are committed to create cleaning products that are efficient, effective, good for you, your home and your planet. Our simple formulas of natural ingredients are designed to attack germs where they live, and help you get cleaning tasks done as efficiently and effectively as possible. We use no more than nine ingredients including plant-based ingredients that limit both your exposure to harsh chemicals and impact on the environment.

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9 Elements was created by scientists Sunny and Sarah as an eco-friendly solution that wouldn’t irritate skin. Because of the chronic health condition Sunny faced and the severe skin rashes Sarah's newborn experienced, both were drawn to limited ingredient and plant-based formulas. As they browsed the market, they realized that the current household products were forcing them to compromise on the quality of clean they wanted for themselves and their families.

Determined to create a new kind of clean, they engineered the first line of laundry and home care cleaning products powered by vinegar and supercharged by science. Their commitment to using no more than 9 simple and effective ingredients lives on to deliver a peace of mind and your most powerful clean yet.




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made without:

Magic Eraser OriginalArtificial Preservatives
Magic Eraser Variety PackDyes
Magic Eraser Ultra BathThickeners
Magic Eraser Ultra FoamyBrighteners